Destan Episode 11

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What is there in Destan Episode 11?

“Batuga, Akkız, they’re dead, aren’t they?”

Akkız and Batuga, willing to make all kinds of sacrifices to unite the Turks, will find both China and Russia in this battle! When Ulu Ece, who is secretly using China, is unable to kill Akkız, she evaluates her greatest weakness and uses Batuga.

Akkız sacrifices herself for Batuga, whom she considers a two-headed wolf. Alpagu Han must pass judgment on Akkız’s death. When Akkız is about to be executed in the courtyard of the Gök Saray, Batuga, who does not agree to this sacrifice, makes an incredible move. Batuga, who knows full well that there is a possibility of being killed if one understands that she is smart, but when Akkız is on the brink of death, she sets herself up and stands in front of her father and all the palace staff: “Stop !”

After Batuga’s move, nothing will be the same in the Gök Khanate!

Destan Episode 11 with English Subtitle

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