Destan Episode 14

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What is there in Destan Episode 14?

Alpagu Khan, raiding the small nomadic tribe of Batuga and Akkız, gave the order to attack their alps after shooting Sirma, but Batuga and Akkız were prepared for such an attack.

Akkız, who for years set traps in the steppes and plundered the Gök caravans, has now set a trap to defend against the Gök Khanate.

Alpagu Khan falls into this trap and has to negotiate with Batuga, but Alpagu Khan takes advantage of the trap and offers to be her hostage until the terms of the negotiation are met in order to meet his new enemy.

This obligatory guest ignites a terrible war of nerves between father and son. The things Batuga and Akkız want to negotiate make both Ulu Ece and Taizu very angry. The way he finds is a way even the devil cannot think of. Now Batuga and Akkız not only have to save themselves, but all of Türkeli.

Destan Episode 14 with English Subtitle

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