Destan Episode 8

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What is there in Destan Episode 8?

“Our ancestors did not say it was impossible, they reached Ergenekon and melted the iron and pierced the mountain. We will not be able to dethrone a Balamir and bring it back to life!”

Akkız and Batuga take Alpagu Khan to the Mountain to heal. While Kün Ata heals his wound, Alpagu Han seeks healing for his soul. While this healing journey brings Alpagu Han and Akkız closer together, a very painful process begins with the secrets revealed. Balamir, who took advantage of Alpagu’s leaving the country to be healed, seizes the palace and the administration in a night raid.

Batuga, on the other hand, manages to unite the Mountain and the Sky around a common goal, even at the beginning of his journey to become a Double-Headed Wolf. However, he will have to make a huge concession in order for his plan against Balamir to succeed.

As Mountain and Sky struggle with all their might against Balamir, the real danger is slowly approaching: China!

Destan Episode 8 with English Subtitle

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