Destan Episode 9

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What is there in Destan Episode 9?

Alpagu Han discovers that Akkız is a claw!

Alpagu Han, who regained his throne thanks to Akkız, realizes the same day that Akkız is Claw. This fact drives Alpagu crazy. Shocked by Batuga’s acceptance of marriage to Kırçiçek, Akkız encounters Alpagu Han’s relentless wrath and is banished from the mountain by Çolpan Han, whose plans she hindered.

Batuga, on the other hand, faces the threat of revealing the truth from Kırçiçek, who learned his secret. Caught by the hostility of the two inns and the threat of Kırçiçek, Akkız and Batuga have only one day to find a cure for death. The two are clamped together and go in search of that remedy. Where they seek a solution for their future, the enemies of the past will come before them! Unexpected enemies!

Destan Episode 9 with English Subtitle

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