Kurulus Osman

Kurulus Osman Episode 84

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What is there in Kurulus Osman Episode 84?

As Osman Bey takes a surprise visit to Geyhatu, he sees Vizier Alemşah in front of him. They are in a big house. Osman Bey appears to capture Geyhatu. He begins to follow Geyhatu. But the remains of the mountains were wounded and captured by Vizier Alemşah. What is the end of the Alps?

Bala Hatun’s suffering has begun. While rushing for Bala’s birth at Kayı Obası, Vizier Alemşah fell to the crowd like lightning. Vizier Alemşah decides to take his anger at Osman away from his wives. He judges women. He was imprisoned and went to Söğüt. Bala’s sufferings will never end. How do women get out of their difficult situations?

Despite his serious injury, Geyhatu managed to hide. But Osman still has a plan. How will Osman Bey capture Geyhatu? On the one hand, Osman Bey, who is trying to keep Geyhatu, gets information about Bala Hatun. Can Osman Bey see Bala Hatun?

Kurulus Osman Episode 84 with English Subtitle

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